6 Reasons You Should Read Historical Romance Fiction Books

I am a big fan of historical romance novels. There is nothing better than being whisked away to another time and place, whether it be centuries ago or in the Middle Ages. And, I just can't get enough of the drama, intrigue, and forbidden love that come with these stories.

From classics like Jane Austen to new releases by bestselling authors such as Courtney Milan, historical romance novels always have me hooked.  There's nothing better than getting lost in an era long past while reading about two people who are fighting for their love amidst seemingly insurmountable adversity before they manage to find their happily ever after. This makes for great reading!  

If you're looking for an escape from the daily grind while still being entertained by compelling stories then it's time to pick up one of these great reads!

  1. Explore different cultures and periods

Historical romance fiction books are a reflection of the true culture and society that exists in many different periods. You can learn more about historical events like wars, political movements, social norms, and fashion styles. You may even be surprised by society's views towards women at the time.

  1. Dramatic settings

Historical romance fiction books are often set in different types of settings: castles, pirate ships, old New York City streets, etc. But did you know that they also take place on the battlefield? War has been a part of history since mankind's first conflict and so it should not be surprising to see this setting pop up as well!

  1. New perspectives on gender dynamics  

The world of historical romance novels is made up primarily of female writers, which can open a window to perspectives on gender dynamics that often remain closed. Women have been the main writers of these stories for years and they explore relationships through different lenses than men do because their experiences with love and sex differ from that of men.

  1. Progressive storylines

Historical romances are noteworthy for their progressive portrayal of strong, self-sufficient women who make decisions about love and marriage without being relegated to a life as an objectified sex symbol. One element that sets the historical romance apart from other genres is its depiction of empowered female characters making choices about both work and relationships in ways we don’t often see outside these books.

  1. Beautiful language

The language of historical romance fiction books is beautiful. The subject matter may have strong overtones of romantic love and marriage but that doesn't mean these novels are full of cheesy dialogue like you might expect from Nicholas Sparks' books. The colors, smells, sights even tastes - all details are woven together beautifully.

For those who enjoy reading stories of unbridled love and have already covered the classics, perhaps it's time to set your sights on the depth and drama of historical romance. Explore my latest historical romance novel here and get ready to be transported to another time and place.