The Best Historical Romance Book for Passionate Readers

A historical romance book combines the elements of romance and history. These novels are a unique literary work that is both attractive to read and profoundly affecting and emotional.

Historical novels usually take place in some aspect of history from the past and involve characters who may or may not be real. The story often revolves around two individuals who meet, fall hopelessly in love, fight against adversity such as poverty or warfare, and then part ways.

5 Common Elements of Historical Romance Books

You can find five common elements across almost all good historical romance stories:


An essential component of a historical romance novel is the setting. It should take place during an actual period in history and be set in a real historic location.


A historical romance novel's plot is made up of actual events blended with fictitious ones. You may create characters, towns, and incidents; however, they must be relevant to the period.


Although the characters can be real, made-up, or a combination of both, they should all appear, talk, and behave invariably with the period and location.


In a historical novel, the dialogue should be accurate to the time and reflect the position and status of the speakers.


The problems the characters face should be comparable to those that people from the period would encounter.

First Past The Post by S.J. Garland - The Best Historical Romance Book

First Past the Post is a historical romance novel that brings together an independent New York High Society girl and a Duke with a taste for thoroughbred racehorses. Their enigmatic romance is set against the backdrop of New York and Great Britain during Queen Victoria's reign.

In Sheepshead Bay, New York, Eva McKenzie attends a horse auction with her friend, Lily. In the introduction, Eva meets a charismatic Duke who sets her nerves ablaze. The Duke discovers that Eva is the most stubborn, infuriating, yet alluring lady he's ever encountered. Eva is even more suspicious of the Duke after horse abduction and a merciless fire that kills several people. She thinks he's part of a rumored horse racing syndicate.

Against all odds, Eva and the Duke join forces and sets sail across the Atlantic Ocean to discover the truth of the horse syndicate. The backdrop of this historical romance is Victorian England's lower strata of society.

It's a fiery romance with a twist, the ideal escape from the day. The undercurrents are intriguing, and the characters keep you interested. First Past The Post encapsulates all the five essential components of historical romance stories - what more could you ask for in a historical romance story?

Read this book to discover how a young lady's determination and her love for the Duke of Wiltshire drive them to fight crime, solve mysteries, and bring to light the truth, and at the same time fall deeply in love with each other!