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The Hard Truths on Writing by SJ Garland

#hardtruthonwriting Welcome back to the second episode of Hard Truth’s on Writing with me, SJ Garland! Today I’m going to give you a few hard truths on getting that core, wonderful, change the entire course of the cosmos idea into a whole story. Hard Truth #1 One idea, no matter how great it is, does not a full manuscript make. Everything has become so condensed in recent years that it’s hard not to think of movies or books as their logline. It seems like everything has been boiled down to acronyms and no one bothers to unpack them. Unfortunately, your new job is to unpack, explore and derive an entire story from the one idea that has been bouncing around...

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The Hard Truth on Writing with SJ Garland

#hardtruthonwriting Welcome to my inaugural writing forum on all subjects involving writing, editing, re-editing, being an author and the publishing industry. I called it hard truths, not because I think anyone is under any illusions about how hard it is to be an author, but that sometimes we can get swept away with the romance of the occupation while looking at dreamy posts on social media of perfectly coiffed and manicured authors gushing about their latest release and how we should all go out and buy it. That's what being an author is all about, right? Typing a few words here and then posting how amazing your word count is going for the day. Just no. I'm going to give...

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