Working with Writers

Apart from being a full-time author and mom to my darling five-year-old, I offer beta reading services and developmental editing focusing on the structure of the manuscript

My main objectives focus on the readability, clarity and consistency of your voice, ensuring the story flows from the page to the reader.

It is important to remember that the notes I make on plot development, holes or gaps in the story, the pace of the story, and character development are purely at my discretion.

I will keep an eye out for basic grammar, tenses, punctuation, and spelling. But full disclosure, more eyes make for fewer mistakes, and I will always recommend further proofers or line editors for your work.

If any of the above services sound right for you, join me, and we can set up a time to talk and discuss expectations. I think it’s always important to find out where a writer wants to go, and how they plan to get there! This means less miscommunication between us in the future!

Right now, I am hosting the Hard Truths of Writing every Monday on my Instagram page, where I answer all your questions about writing, author life, the publishing world and what it's like to get in the game.

If you would like to work with me, please contact my publicist at for more information on my schedule and fee structure.

Thank you, and I look forward to working with you!