As If the Whole World Were Watching

As If the Whole World Were Watching

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The time has finally arrived. The final conclusion of Calla and Flynn’s love story. Will it end in a happily ever after? Or will the forces that have sought to keep them apart triumph over love?

Dr Calla Jones is no longer a green sub with her heart in her eyes.

When Flynn Banroch hired Calla to act as the resident psychologist for the most exclusive BDSM club in Vancouver, she was excited. One of the conditions of her employment was a thirty-day training contract with an experienced Dom in order to understand the lifestyle fully. Calla couldn’t have been more on board with Flynn’s plan, especially after he signed the training contract.

Flynn Banroch wasn’t looking for anything more than releasing the sub he knew was lurking inside of Calla.

Instead he found an incendiary connection forcing him to question the strict rules he had for playing with subs. In exploring Calla’s submission, Flynn found his own dominance growing and changing in ways he had never thought possible. When a threat to his position as CEO of his families multi billion-dollar company arises. In order to keep Calla safe, Flynn ends their thirty-day training contract.

The malignant danger against Vancouver’s BDSM community has steadily increased since Flynn ended his thirty-day training contract with Calla. Compelled to keep Calla safe, he offers her another contract and whisks her away from the dangers of the city. At his private island off the coast of British Columbia, Flynn and Calla will rediscover the bond between Dom and sub that has haunted them for months. As their enemies close in, will the pair be able to finally escape the past and look towards a future together? Or will the forces conspiring against them finally win? Find out in As If The Whole World Were Watching.