Break even Part 1

Break Even Part I

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Break Even Part I: The Fall of Detective Chamberlain

The first of a three-part novella series featuring Detective Barin Chamberlain and Russian Spy Melanie Bancroft. Detective Chamberlain is an experienced RCMP undercover detective. Nothing stands in the way of Detective Chamberlain and his mark. Until Melanie Bancroft becomes his mark. His most dangerous target to date. Detective Chamberlain’s work was crucial in breaking the blackmail case against Master Flynn, setting the CEO of Banroch Industries and his sultry sub Dr Calla Jones free. 

For Detective Chamberlain, it was the start of a long and winding investigation to bring down a Russian spy masquerading as a sub. Melanie Bancroft is a woman on the run. After living the high life as the ex-wife of Flynn Banroch, the investigators outed her as a foreign agent. With her bridges burned in Canada, Melanie is no longer safe from those who would see her dead in Russia. Her only chance of survival will be in a cache of valuable confidential information Melanie has collected over years involving Russian agents. 

Will that be enough for the Canadian Government to ensure her safety? With her cover blown, Melanie must rely on the man she only knows as the Dom in Residence where she works as a waitress. They will cross the border from the United States into Canada under the cover of darkness. The secrets Detective Chamberlain and Melanie hold deep will unravel and betrayal will threaten to rip them apart.

Will Detective Chamberlain be able to reconcile his feelings for Melanie, the woman who slowly stole his heart? Or will he be lucky to Break Even? Find out in the first offering of this three-part novella. A Dom’s of The Cage Novella