First Past the Post
First Past the Post

First Past the Post

By SJ Garland

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Bring together a self-determined daughter of New York’s High Society, a Duke with a penchant for thoroughbred race horses and strong women, a violent horse racing syndicate that will stop at nothing to get what they want, with a story set in both New York and Great Britain in the time of Queen Victoria, and you have First Past The Post. The story begins in New York with Eva McKenzie and her friend Lily at the horse auction in Sheepshead Bay. Eva meets a mysterious Duke who sets her instincts alight in warning. 

The Duke conversely finds that Eva is one of the most stubborn, infuriating, and attractive women he’s ever encountered. After a fire breaks out and a horse-napping occurs, Eva trusts the Duke even less and suspects him of being complicit with a rumoured Trans-Atlantic horse racing syndicate.Eva and the Duke begrudgingly join forces and travel across the Atlantic Ocean only to find themselves in the crosshairs of the horse syndicate and two steps behind their every move. 

This romantic adventure is set in the backdrop of Victorian England and its not-so-royal underbelly. Follow the Duke of Wiltshire and Eva Chanler McKenzie across continents, through high society drawing rooms, down dark alleys, and you will find yourself cheering them on while they search for the truth about the horse syndicate and their budding feelings for one another.

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SJ Garland is a writer and author of several Historical Adventure books, who also writes Contemporary Romance under the pen name P Nelson.

A Canadian expat who has spent over a decade living all over the world, Garland is interested in learning people’s stories, sharing their history and understanding their lives. Her historical adventure books are packed full of action and adventure, while her contemporary romance series is sultry and full of heart-warming happily ever afters.