Our First Dance

Our First Dance

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Our First Dance prequel to Take My Hand and there is no HEA...yet!

Calla is the new resident shrink at The Cage. She showed an interest in the BDSM lifestyle for a while, but her new position gives her a chance to really immerse herself into the world of kink. 

Flynn is the owner of The Cage and a tycoon in the business world. He senses the submissive inside Calla and longs to free her. Flynn offers to become Calla’s training Dom for thirty days to give her a proper orientation at The Cage. 

It’s immediately clear they have more than a passing attraction. Their scorching scenes build a level of trust neither of them has felt before. Calla gives all her trust and submission to Flynn as her bond with him grows. Just as Flynn is ready to give his heart to Calla, a spectre from the past returns to his life and threatens everything he cares about.

You know them as the Dom and the sub with sexual tension so hot it drives Calla and Flynn to the brink of darkness. Find out how they fell in love and were forced to give it up in Our First Dance.

Our First Dance is the prequel to If the Whole World Were Watching