With or Without You

With or Without You

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Mistress Thea Demopoulos/ AKA Detective Demopoulos is a woman determined to catch a sadistic killer.

Mistress Thea is the Domme in Residence at the most prestigious BDSM club in Vancouver, The Cage. She ensures Dom’s/ Domme’s are practicing safe, sane and consensual scenes and abiding by the strict rules of The Cage. By day she is a hard ass detective with the Vancouver Police Department who is hunting down a serial killer targeting submissives in the city. As she closes in on the killer an event will rip apart her world and force her to turn to the one man she can’t have, but can’t stop thinking about.

Master Dillon is determined to show Mistress Thea there is more to BDSM than being either a dominant or a submissive.

Dillon Ross has come through his rehabilitation with his Dom mojo in full working order. Unfortunately, he can’t forget the one woman who brought out the wild, passionate caveman who had been hiding underneath his easy going veneer. No matter how much he tries to catch Mistress Thea’s attention, she maintains a respectful distance reiterating that she will never submit to him or anyone else. Everything changes when she is abducted and tortured at the hands of a man who will stop at nothing to destroy the kink community in Vancouver.

After Thea’s rescue, Dillon will do anything to help her recover from her physical and mental injuries except let her push him away. With the help of their friends at The Cage, Thea and Dillon track down the killer who is targeting their world. But will they be able to build a life from the trauma of Thea’s abduction and Dillon’s life as a porn star? Read With or Without You to find out.