Characteristics Of The Best Regency Romance Novels

What is the best regency romance novel? Well, it depends on who you ask. Reader’s responses may vary depending on taste and preference. However, the very best books in this genre share several things in common. If you are enamored with regency romance, you should definitely look for these characteristics we are about to discuss.

What Are Regency Romance Novels? 

Regency romance is a subgenre of historical romance novels where stories are based on the period of English Regency, sometime in the early 19th century. This subgenre is further divided into two categories: 

  • Traditional regency romance focuses primarily on the romance plot, with great attention to accuracy of historical detail. Fans of conventional regency romance books get a lot of joy and satisfaction from fact-checking and researching pieces relevant to the specific period.

  • Regency historical romance books also develop their plot in the early 19th century, but they don’t just focus on love and romance. They also include other elements such as social realism or satire. Characters usually have more flexibility in their traits and actions and may stray from the Regency Era. They may even display some modern values

  • Common Elements of The Best Regency Romance Novels

    Below are some of the elements commonly found in regency romance novels and has endeared countless numbers of readers in the said genre: 

    Class Differences

    These novels usually depict characters from opposing social classes. Male characters are reminiscent of Mr. Darcy from Pride and Prejudice, and the women are from families with a lower status or income. Conflict happens when two social classes collide, and the ensuing romance is met with resistance from respective families and society in general.

    Convenience Marriages

    Marriages based on love were not an option for most women of that period, as their families placed more emphasis on finding men with a steady income. 

    With money and security as the primary consideration for getting wed, protagonists in regency romance novels are often seen going against the flow. They are depicted as women of principle and look for other qualities in a man aside from money. Quite ironically, these female characters end up marrying the richest men - for love (such as Elizabeth Bennet). 

    Reliving Of Social Norms and Activities

    This is perhaps the most entertaining aspect of Regency romances. They typically depict the social norms and activities of the era and give readers a sneak peek of what it’s like to live during that time. 

    Social customs are discussed in greater detail, such as dinner invitations, events, balls, and dances. Modern readers find this fascinating, as the manners of the Regency era greatly contrast with how people interact socially today.

    Where To Begin Your Search for Regency Romance Novels

    If you want to get started with this highly entertaining subgenre of literature, you may browse on Kindle and Goodreads for some options. Better yet, you may browse through the books listed on this site. 

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