What are the Top Historical Romance Books to Read?

The modern age can be a bit much. Stuck at work with no relief in sight, it's easy to feel like everything is crashing down on you and nothing will ever get better again.

But wait! Here is a list of some great historical romance books to read for a great escape from reality. Get ready to curl up on your favorite couch and crack open that romance novel - you'll find yourself swept away into an alternate version of history where everyone gets their happy ending (or two!).

What are the best historical romance books to read?

From the court of King Henry VIII to Colorado in 1874, love has always been a force that can transcend time and place. Whether your interests lie with Maine during WWII or ancient Rome under Caesar Augustus; these stories will pull at your heartstrings like no other genre because they depict characters overcoming obstacles against all odds.

These are some great historical romance books to read if you have a spare afternoon:

The Duke and I by Julia Quinn

Julia Quinn's Bridgerton series features a sprawling family and is the spine of Netflix’s new show, The Duke and I. Daphne starts a mutual relationship with an eligible bachelor who needs to quell meddling from other potential matches (and their mothers). When feelings begin between them, things get complicated but not before we can imagine the cast for what could be next in this Regency England-set story.

The Beast of Beswick by Amalie Howard

The story of Beauty and the Beast is a classic, but don't worry about being bored with this one! Thane Hart may be scary on the outside, but beneath his hard exterior lies a heart that's just as tender. One glance at Lady Astrid Everleigh should tell you why he falls so deeply for her - she's an enchanting beauty who has been forced to take care of herself since she was orphaned in childhood by pirates' claws.

Butterfly Swords by Jeannie Lin

With a background in writing romances and mysteries, Jeannie Lin is an author to watch. Her book "Butterfly Swords" tells the story of Ai Li - daughter of the Emperor during Tang Dynasty China. When 19-year old Ai Li runs away from her arranged marriage she enlists the protection of Ryam who's trying, without success, to navigate through 8th century AD China on his own. Filled with romance and ample sword fighting scenes this novel will captivate any reader looking for something different from the typical historical romance books you've read.

Devil's Daughter by Lisa Kleypas

The title of Lisa Kleypas' Devil in Winter is well known among romance readers as a historical romance classic. But the story's heroine, Phoebe Ravenel, has her reasons for hating West first before falling madly and passionately in love with him. Phoebe, a beautiful widow who hates West Ravenel before she meets him, was startled by her attraction to the dastardly man. With an irrational jolt of instant chemistry between them and all bets off for their relationship in advance; as anyone can attest that has experience with such events knows what is coming next... love!

Jane Austen is a literary icon for good reason: her work has stood the test of time. But are you familiar with other greats in this genre?

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