Why I Chose to be a Magic Realism Author

All of my life, I've been interested in learning about people's histories and lives, as well as hearing their stories. As a seasoned writer of several Historical Adventure novels and Contemporary Romance series, I'm beyond excited to dive into my new ‘role’ as a magic realism author. 

I am preparing for the launch of my very first magic realism novel - Rebirth of Bao. I’ve just shared a cover reveal on an Instagram post and can’t wait till the official launch of this novel to the avid reader community of magic realism! 

A brief history

Magical realism is one of the most distinctive literary movements of the past hundred years. While writers from all around the world have created significant works in the style, it is particularly associated with Latin American authors.

It is a term that was first used in 1925 by a German art critic. In his book, he described how paintings from this era were different from expressionism. He called it “magischer realismus” to show that there are many things in the real world that can be strange and magical when you look at them carefully.

Characteristics of Magic Realism that Fascinate Me as an Author

The novels of magical realism are all unique; nevertheless, they all have specific characteristics in common, such as:

Realistic playground

In a magical realism work, the setting is always someplace in this world that the reader is already familiar with.

Elements of Magic

Every magical realism tale contains fantastic elements that don't exist in our reality, from speaking to dead characters to telepathy. However, they are treated as typical within the story.

Room for Imagination

The authors intentionally leave the magic in their stories unexplained to make them seem more real and, as a result, more acceptable.


In regions of Latin America that were economically enslaved and exploited by Western nations, the literary form is prevalent. In addition, the magic realism style was used to express abhorrence and criticism of imperialism by writers.

Unique Plotlines

Authors of magic realism don't stick to the same narrative strategies. Instead, they try new ways of storytelling, erasing all boundaries between reality and fantasy. Magic realism should never be taken for granted because every tale in the genre is different from the last. However, they will always have those magical elements that make them surreal and intriguing.

Why did I choose to be an author of magic realism?

I write magic realism because it is so much more than a type of storytelling to me.

It encapsulates the magic and realism I see in this world. It turns life into fluid magic. I write magic realism because it has become one of my favorite way to express myself.

When I am writing magic realism, anything is possible; there are no boundaries or limits… only possibility after possibility after possibility.

As an author of magic realism, I can bring meaning to the mundane things in life like grocery shopping, doing laundry, getting gas for your car, etc., while maintaining a sense of wonderment at how fantastic these tasks really are when you step away from them and look at them from another perspective.   

The best magic realism authors do not create unrealistic plots or characters; instead, they tell realistic tales about the imaginative events that happen all around us while we're too busy living our lives to pay attention.

Through their often perplexing works, magic realism authors have found a method to convey life’s particular and paradoxical experience, both of its remote possibilities and harsh realities. Their writings can provide us with a jolt of the otherworldly grandeur of existence.

Prepare to walk the fine line between magic and reality as you delve into my newest magical realism book, The Rebirth of Bao!