Break Even II: The Harrowing Escapades of Sasha Ivanov

Break Even II: The Harrowing Escapades of Sasha Ivanov

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Barin Chamberlain is a man who will stop at nothing to reunite with the woman he wants above all others. We all know that the Royal Canadian Mounted Police always get their, woman. In the case of experienced undercover detective, Barin Chamberlain, of the RCMP, this will mean the kind of danger that surpasses any he’s faced previously in his career. Unsanctioned, he is about to enter a Russia filled with pimps and murderers, in pursuit of the woman he’d originally met as Melanie Bancroft but he now knows as a Russian double-agent, Sasha Ivanov.

But Sasha hasn’t returned to her homeland to rest easy. She has a bigger plan, one that includes inflicting her revenge on her father for the death of her brother. General Melenkov, one of the most powerful men in Russia, a man who has the ear of Putin, is responsible for turning Sasha into a killer and spy. But it was also by his hand that her dear, sweet brother Mikhail, a lead with the Bolshoi Ballet, was murdered. Mikhail had been all that Sasha held dear and the General had made what Sasha hoped would be a fatal error when he’d stolen her brother’s life.

From Sasha’s arrival in the Remenki district of Moscow, home to the worst of humanity, to her original plan to obtain intelligence at a BDSM club, to a fateful meeting at a State-sponsored Ball, travel with Detective Chamberlain as he follows Sasha into her native Moscow and discovers that the physical and emotional pull of Dom and sub is still alive and very much heart-throbbingly active. It will take every bit of the Dominant in him to protect Sasha from both the threat of General Melenkov and herself.

Follow Barin and Sasha as they face danger as they’ve never experienced it before, all the while still exploring their power exchange as only the two of them can.