Play Me Close

Play Me Close

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Janey Chan knows Joe Green is the Dom for her.

If only she could convince Master Joe, they were perfect together. But all he sees is the playful sub who gets into all sorts of jams trying to help her friends. Janey knows that Master Joe can take her submission to the next level, but he’s pegged her as a good time sub, rather than one serious about exploring her submission. When the opportunity arises to spend more time with Master Joe and track down her old boss, Janey jumps at the opportunity to show how mature she can be.

Joe Green is a Dom who only ever plays on short contracts.

Preferring to believe from his painful childhood that he has nothing to offer a woman than a few scenes and some aftercare. Master Joe keeps all his liaisons at The Cage short and sweet, giving the subs orgasms they never forget, while keeping his shields against emotional entanglements firmly in place. The ex army soldier turned private security guy believes he’s as happy as fate will allow. He’s turned Janey, the sub with the sweet smile and natural submissive instincts, down every time she’s asked him to play. He’s too rough and hard for a sub like her.

We met master Joe when he was protecting Calla Jones from dangerous assassins and we learned he was loyal and steadfast to a fault. Master Flynn and Master Linkin send Master Joe and Janey on a mission to find Master Lovett, Janey’s old boss, and bring him back into the Vancouver fold of friends who miss him dearly. Can Janey convince Master Joe they belong together on the road trip? Or will Joe finally show Janey his hard ass Dom side and scare her away for good? Find out in Play Me Close.