The Hunt for Hawk

The Hunt for Hawk

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The tense finale of the Hawk’s Legacy Series

Nathaniel Hawk has spent the last ten years of his life bent on avenging himself on his half brother and the Brotherhood for the life they stole from him. With vengeance guiding him, Nathaniel has become one of the most powerful shipping magnates of his time. Exploiting the vast power and influence gained from trading in the Colonies’, Nathaniel is now on the verge of destroying the Brotherhood forever. Unfortunately for Nathaniel, the Brotherhood have entrenched themselves in the last place on earth he wishes ever to see again.

The East India Company has plans of its own for Nathaniel, as the Company struggles to maintain its dominance in the world. An old ally will make him an offer he has little choice but to accept. Knowing there are less than a handful of people he can trust, Nathaniel sets out to end the Brotherhood once and for all. He is prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice to see his life’s ambition realised, but will Nathaniel be able to pay the real price of victory?

Singapore was the scene of both the beginning and the end of Nathaniel Hawk’s dream of having a family and a normal life. It is only appropriate that the final battle between brothers should take place in Singapore, among the ghosts of the past.