What We're Meant to Be

What We're Meant to Be

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A Dom’s of The Cage Prequel Novel

Ever wondered where your favourite Dom’s and subs played before The Cage opened?

Delaney MacDonald is a bratty sub of the highest order who has never fully submitted to a Dom in all her years of kink.

After spending months trying to create the perfect Dom, Delaney finds him cheating on her with another sub. Instead of feeling devastated and betrayed by her former Dom’s actions, she’s more concerned with finding another Dom she can secretly top from the bottom. When two Dom’s she has known for years come forward to offer her a contract, Delaney resists at first. Master Linkin and Master Martin are real Dom’s who will demand her actual submission.

Master Martin and Master Linkin are on a mission to find the sub that will bind them together.

They have been together for years. When they found BDSM, they were quick to discover they were both Dom’s, neither one able to properly submit to the other to create the power exchange. They agreed to top subs together in the hopes one day they would find the perfect sub to complete their triad. Master Linkin and Master Martin had watched Delaney for years and knew she needed a proper Dom to help her reveal her submission. They finally have the opportunity to offer Delaney a contract.

Delaney, Master Linkin, and Master Martin come together in scorching scenes that affect each one of them in different ways. For Delaney, her descent into true submission and subspace binds her to both of her Dom’s in a way that’s terrifying and beautiful. Master Martin knows he’s found the sub for them, he just needs to temper Linkin’s more overt personality traits. Master Linkin knows he needs to compromise more, but Delaney’s submission and his boyfriend’s newfound happiness make him ever more determined to control everything around them. When outside danger threatens Delaney, can Linkin and Martin work through their issues to discover what the three of them are meant to be? Read the story of Delaney, Master Martin, and Master Linkin in What We’re Meant to Be.