Wicked Game

Wicked Game

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Hartley Daniels always thought she was a good time sub. 

When she joined the most exclusive BDSM club in Vancouver, The Cage, she had already been experimenting with her kink side at the public clubs in town with her friends. Hartley was the sub who was up for anything, she wanted to push her boundaries and see how far her kink side extended. After gorging her appetite on the tamer scenes with the gentlemen Dom’s of The Cage, Hartley finds she is hungry for something different, something with a little more edge.

Dr Keith Selkirk is the top trauma surgeon in the country. The members of The Cage know him as Master Keith, the resident sadist.

Master Keith recognised his taste for kink ran to extremes from the very first time he walked out onto a dungeon floor. He demanded full control over his subs as a part of his contracts and he teased out every last drop of their submission through the punishment of the flesh as well as the intimate manipulation of their minds. His demand of a thirty day, twenty-four/ seven contract was always met by an eager number of subs willing to submit to his particular brand of BDSM.

Master Keith had been aware of Hartley at The Cage since the BDSM dungeon opened its doors. She evoked feelings of restlessness that threatened to break his iron-clad control. He did his best to steer clear of the sub every Dom loved to play with until she set her sights on him. After a long campaign, he finally gives in to her request for a thirty-day contract. Will Master Keith retain his status as The Cage’s sadist? Or will the lovely Hartley break through his control to the Dom within?